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It Drove In..

This vehicle actualy drove to the customers driveway. He stated it was smoking and smelled like burning rubber. Upon inspection, I found a timing tensioner had siezed, and the belt had melted to the water pump and pulleys.. Miraculously, the timing was still set, and after a new belt / water pump kit, it started and drove perfectly.

I Dont Work on Prius

After working on thousands and thousands of vehicels, we find that some are just not built as good as others. Here is a simple Prius battery I rebuilt. Although it wasnt too dificult, getting it out was. These things are under engineered, with dissimilar metals, and baffaling electrical issues. I suggest staying away from them.

No Power Steering?

Dont forget to check the pulley shaft. Although it doesnt come out without a fight, you should be able to remove the belt, and pry it forward. This happend on a 2000 Dodge Durango 5.9 liter.

No Crank, No Start?

When checking a no start, always check to see if the starter is getting a signal, then check the relay, then the ignition switch. This was a 2009 Honda Accord that had a bad battery, that killed the alternator, and browned out the ignition switch. Everthing had to be replaced.

Take A Brake!!

No matter what service you are performing for the customer, always take a look at thier brakes. Most often when dealing with fleet or service vehicles, there are numerous drivers who dont pay attention to service intervals, so you have to be diligent and proactive.

Build It Right

This was an engine built by a "professional" engine builder. It did not have many miles on it, nor did it have the proper type of hardware. The crank cap let go, and destroyed the engine. Only perform jobs you are 100% confident in. Retention is key.

Tune Your Carburetor

A blown head gasket does NOT always present itself as "water in the oil." The majority is exhaust gasses in the cooling system, and the minority is cross cylinder compression loss. This one specifically is the result of a very lean condition.

Oreilly Parking Lot

While not recommended, for numerous reasons.. You should however, find yourself a suitable working location near your auto parts store of choice. It makes finding jobs and networking easier, and you will always have a part you need to run back to the stare and get..