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It Drove In..

The vehicle effectively arrived at the customer's driveway. The customer reported smoke and a burning rubber smell. Upon examination, I discovered a seized timing tensioner, causing the belt to melt onto the water pump and pulleys. Surprisingly, the timing remained unaffected. After installing a new belt/water pump kit, the vehicle started and operated flawlessly. 

I Dont Work on Prius

Having dealt with a multitude of vehicles, it's evident that certain ones are less well-constructed than others. Take, for instance, this basic Prius battery that I reconstructed. While the rebuilding process wasn't overly complex, extracting it posed a challenge. These units are inadequately designed, featuring dissimilar metals and perplexing electrical problems. I'd recommend avoiding them. 

No Power Steering?

Remember to inspect the pulley shaft as well. Even though it may require some effort to remove, you should be able to take off the belt and carefully nudge it forward. This occurred with a 2000 Dodge Durango, 5.9 liters. 

No Crank, No Start?

When troubleshooting a no-start situation, it's essential to begin by verifying the starter's signal, followed by inspecting the relay and subsequently examining the ignition switch. An illustrative case involved a 2009 Honda Accord. A faulty battery caused alternator failure and voltage fluctuations, ultimately affecting the ignition switch. As a result, all components had to be replaced. 

Take A Brake!!

Irrespective of the type of service you're providing, it's imperative to inspect the customer's brakes. Especially when dealing with fleet or service vehicles, there tend to be multiple drivers who may not adhere to service schedules. Thus, it's essential to maintain diligence and adopt a proactive approach.

Build It Right

This engine had been assembled by a so-called "professional" engine builder. Despite its low mileage, improper hardware was used. As a result, the crank cap failed, leading to catastrophic engine damage. It's crucial to only undertake tasks you have absolute confidence in. Ensuring proper execution is vital for long-term success and customer satisfaction. 

Tune Your Carburetor

A blown head gasket doesn't necessarily manifest as "water in the oil." More commonly, it's characterized by exhaust gases entering the cooling system, with cross-cylinder compression loss being less frequent. In this particular case, the issue is attributed to an excessively lean fuel mixture.

Oreilly Parking Lot

Although not advisable for various reasons, consider establishing a convenient workspace in proximity to your preferred auto parts store. This approach facilitates job discovery, networking, and ensures easy access to necessary parts whenever you need to make a quick trip to the store.