The History of the TRUCK

Over the past 7 years, we've gone through 5 different versions of service vehicles. Our journey began with using the trunk of a 2014 Ford Focus, then the back of a 2001 Subaru wagon, and eventually upgrading to a fully equipped service truck that features onboard Power, Air, and a Welder. 

The Original Truck

The initial service truck was a 1992 Dodge Dakota—an unattractive red sport model with an impressive 300k+ mileage. Despite its appearance, it proved to be affordable and highly functional for our business needs.

Through a significant amount of effort, I successfully turned it into a practical tool, enabling me to extend my services to a broader region. Simultaneously, this transformation enhanced the efficiency of my operations and improved the quality of my experiences and services. 

I swiftly initiated the branding of this business, aiming to establish a recognizable identity and create a prominent presence within both my local community and the surrounding areas. 

Work Truck 2.0

Back in its early days, this 1987 Dodge Ram 50 began as a mildly modified 2.0-liter, 8-valve trail truck tucked away in the woods. I faced an extensive journey of refurbishment to make it visually appealing and continue pursuing my objectives. 

The shift from one service truck to the other unfolded in two stages. The Dakota experienced rear-end damage, prompting me to reevaluate and streamline the range of services I offered. 

Employing a more compact service truck allowed me to optimize my job efficiency and select projects more effectively. Furthermore, it enabled me to continue focusing on my branding initiatives. 

In the end, an engine rebuild became necessary. Thus, the choice was made to significantly overhaul the entire setup to repurpose it as a service truck for ongoing use. Nevertheless... 

Work Truck 3.0

When the opportunity arose to acquire this FULLY OPERATIONAL service truck, the decision was clear-cut. It provided the ideal foundation to elevate my service capabilities to a higher level. 

I integrated equipment I had previously acquired, including a 3000-watt inverter, a MIG welder, and a 6-gallon air compressor. The vehicle came with a job box and a slide-out tray, already set up for service. 

I immediately set to work installing and arranging my tools efficiently. I collaborated with a local company to create customized graphics and upgraded my business cards. Additionally, I re-evaluated the scope of jobs I could and would undertake. 

My service truck is finely tuned to meet all requirements. I'm well-versed in the capabilities of the onboard equipment and the services I can offer using my current tool setup. Don't hesitate to reach out with any inquiries at If you're in the Puget Sound Region, visit the "about us" page for consultation and service scheduling. Thank you for considering us.