Complete Setup

We have a comprehensive array of tools on hand, ranging from fundamental hand tools to specialized equipment tailored to specific vehicles. Regardless of your vehicle's manufacturer, we possess the capability to effectively repair it. 

Specialty Tools

Our setup includes air compressors, welding equipment, and a vacuum system, catering to a wide range of fabrication and cleanup requirements. 

Fluids on Hand

Reliable and proven, our assortment of chemicals serves various purposes, including cleanup, battery corrosion prevention, penetrating oils, grease, and sealants. Backed by nearly two decades of hands-on experience. 

At Mechanical Triage, we prioritize exceptional customer service and repair solutions. Our focus is on informing clients about the true condition of their vehicles. Our commitment to transparency and integrity sets us apart from other repair facilities. Additionally, we create informative self-help videos on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube to empower our audience with valuable knowledge.

With two decades of professional experience spanning various industries and direct communication with factory-trained service writers, our expertise extends beyond just automotive services. Our insights encompass a wide range of auto repair facilities, from expansive commercial dealerships to independent mechanics found on platforms like Craigslist. We possess comprehensive knowledge and have successfully resolved issues overlooked by others in the field.

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NOTICE:  Due to concerns related to liability and warranty, we will no longer be offering services or installations involving customer-provided parts.